He had a fumble that cost the Giants their Week 5 game against the Chargers.

Sunday’s outing broke a four-game sack streak for Donald, but he spent enough time in the Vikings’ backfield that he can now register to vote there, and he has five sacks for the season. If he gets three more in the final six games, he’ll reach eight sacks for the fourth time in four NFL seasons. He deserves to be the game’s highest-paid defensive player, which was the source of his training camp holdout. Donald’s hope now is that he finishes the season healthy, and the goodwill he earned by reporting without a new deal helps him land the one he seeks next offseason.

Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez were elected last year, when Hoffman drew 74 percent. Guerrero had 71.7 percent, followed by Martinez (58.6), Clemens (54.1), Bonds (53.8), Mussina (51.8) and Schilling (45).

“When you get scored on, the biggest thing you got to do is push back,” Julien said. “Right now, that’s not happening.”

Lindgren (3-4-1, 2.43, .924) or Antti Niemi, who has played in only one game in relief of Lindgren, could get the start. Or it could be Price in a return to the roster. Regardless, Montreal faces a tall order against Nashville, which has scored 37 goals in its last eight games.

There is a lot working against Eli Manning. He doesn’t have his top weapons, his offensive line is below average and the running game took several weeks to get going. But Manning also hasn’t done his part to carry the team when the Giants needed him most. That’s what is expected of him as the highest-paid and most accomplished player on the roster. He has 15 total touchdowns compared to 10 turnovers in 10 games. He hasn’t been bad, but he also hasn’t been good. He’s been closer to average, hence the mediocre grade. — Jordan Raanan

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