Julio Jones’ dropped touchdown becomes internet meme

Julio Jones’ dropped touchdown late in Sunday’s game against Carolina wasn’t just a gift for the Panthers, but for all of us.

In case you missed the play, check it out and cringe accordingly as one of the game’s most sure-handed and prolific receivers bobbles and drops an aerial handoff:

The photo is juxtaposed on Goodwin’s feed alongside a video of him paying tribute to Marquise Jr. after scoring a touchdown in Sunday’s game as well as a black and white photo of the baby’s hand on a parent’s finger.

Gordon also gave reassurance of his progress knowing that he has the support of his teammates and coaches behind him. Gordon was suspended indefinitely after multiple violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy and spent a lengthy stint in rehab that started in June 2017. He was released from rehab Sept. 21 and began working with trainer and former Olympian Tim Montgomery to get back in shape.

This back-and-forth is the latest episode in the contentious feud between Jones and his fellow owners regarding Goodell’s tenure and compensation.

The feeling among some owners is that Jones’ beef with Goodell stems from the six-game suspension of star running back Ezekiel Elliott, but Jones insists it’s about bigger-picture issues such as declining television ratings and sponsors’ consternation with the commissioner’s handling of player protests.

Jones also has an issue with the money Goodell is to make under the contract currently being negotiated. On Wednesday, Jones distributed a copy of a five-year extension for Goodell proposed by the compensation committee in July that called for a $2.5 million pay cut of the commissioner’s $42 million annual compensation package. The committee says that proposal is outdated, and Goodell is requesting an annual package of $49.05 million, according to ESPN.

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