Warriors great Al Attles released from the hospital, much improved

Al Attles’ son says the Golden State Warriors great has been released from the hospital and is much improved.

Suh later said he was “protecting myself” after Mallett “came at me and tried to attack me.”

But Wilson has adapted to the fact that, more so than ever, he is playing in a one-dimensional offense. A quarterback’s ability to adjust on the fly is his most valuable asset.

The quarterback-turned-receiver has been gradually phased out of the Washington offense after signing a one-year, $6 million in the offseason. He didn’t even see the field until the third offensive series of the game for Washington. He hauled in just two catches for 14 yards.

It’s becoming safe to assume that he isn’t going to live up to the contract he received in the offseason and it appears likely that he won’t be with the team in 2018.

The biggest negative of the game for Philadelphia is easily the loss of Jason Peters, a nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle who suffered a knee injury in the third quarter. An air cast was immediately applied and he was taken off the field on a cart.

Good luck with the Wild Card race, Washington and Dallas, because that looks like it’s a wrap.

2. Baltimore’s victory was tainted by the loss of Joe Flacco, who was concussed on a brutal blow from linebacker Kiko Alonso. Flacco had given himself up by sliding at the end of a 9-yard scramble when Alonso lowered his shoulder and delivered a vicious shot that split the quarterback’s helmet and bloodied his ear. Alonso should expect to hear from the league office regarding a possible suspension.blues-001

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