Kevin Durant leads Warriors past Trail Blazers for seventh straight win

“I think when you put yourself in a hole, when you got to work so hard to dig out of it against a team that runs the way they do, has as many shooters [as they do] and plays great offense, you’re not giving yourself a great chance,” Lillard said. “And I think once we cut it to eight, it was just a matter of time before somebody hit a shot. We just can’t dig ourselves a hole like that.”

The Seahawks’ recent roller-coaster results show that they have both a high ceiling and a low floor. No longer capable of shutting teams down defensively without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor, Seattle goes how Russell Wilson goes in a mostly one-dimensional offense.

Yankee Stadium does, however, represent a significant ballpark upgrade for him, and that will raise his power floor — for fantasy, that will make him a safer investment in terms of his chances at repeating his 59 homers (or a comparable per-PA rate in the games he gives you). In short, it makes me feel a heck of a lot better about my No. 11 overall ranking of him, even if it doesn’t move the number.

Dallas has lost to two of the teams it is chasing, No. 9 Green Bay and No. 6 Atlanta. A two- or three-way tie with those teams at 10-6 would keep the Cowboys out of the playoffs, so they need to finish ahead of both.

The Packers (6-6) won’t get Aaron Rodgers back until Week 15 at the earliest, for a tough game at Carolina. They finish with Minnesota and Detroit, tricky division matchups regardless of Rodgers’ presence. Before then, on paper, they should beat the Browns with Brett Hundley, but he’s still an inconsistent young backup finding his way.

The Cowboys might wish they had gotten the Packers without Rodgers while they were down Elliott. Now they’ll need to wish for the Packers to stumble just once vs. someone else.lakers_001

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