The main reason for the AFC’s struggles? Look under center.

If an opposing defense first tries to take away Ingram and Kamara, Brees can be put in favorable position to pick it apart when needed. The Saints’ defense isn’t close to perfect, but it keeps making timely plays, much like the Super Bowl unit of 2009. As long as the Saints can keep thriving on both lines of scrimmage, they will keep winning.

Both Green and DeMarcus Cousins are the lone players this season meeting these thresholds. You don’t often think of “Boogie” and Green as peers, but there is indeed overlap in their rare abilities to sustain a blend of defensive diversity with shooting success.

Allen Crabbe, Brooklyn Nets (10.7): You will net some lean box scores from Crabbe, given his dependence on scoring to provide value. If you can embrace the inherent variance of his production pattern, Crabbe can provide helpful rates from beyond the arc (2.6 3PG over his past seven games). A shooting specialist of sorts for deeper leagues, Crabbe is worth considering, given the Nets’ currently shallow backcourt.

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