The Texans have gone into a free fall as the AFC South has become out of reach for them behind the Titans and Jaguars.

The first move of the Giants’ offseason should be extending Odell Beckham Jr. Their offense fell apart without him this year, and the last thing they can have is an unhappy Beckham paired with a young QB. The wide receiver will cost over $17 million per year, but there is no reason to waste time on the extension. He already counts for over $8 million next year on the cap, so an extension should not impact his cap charge.

Big injuries marred their chances early; now, little injuries have hurt their chances of a respectable finish.

Trammell’s next visit to the Hall will certainly last longer than his first trip to the shrine in upstate New York. That was in 1995, when the Tigers played the Cubs in the Hall of Fame exhibition game.

Wearing his No. 3 jersey, Trammell jogged the couple blocks and hurried through the Hall in 30 minutes while the teams were limbering up at Doubleday Field.

Foster says he was able to keep playing by keeping in mind, as Tomlin said, Shazier was in good hands.

“You try to zone in away from it,” Foster said. “You know that he’s going to have some of the best doctors and staff around him and that’s what you hope on right there. You’ve got to be a little thick-minded in a sense knowing that, ‘Hey, I’ve still got a job and a game to play.’”

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