It was the fast start Kerr had been searching for, and it was needed desperately.

With the first quarter approaching a close, Curry dribbled around two defenders and launched a 37-foot jumper that hit nothing but net to beat the buzzer.

“You sling them up and try to get it off in time and see what happens,” Curry said. “But when it does happen, it’s a good vibe to end the quarter, end the half and not really worry about shooting percentage. Just chuck it and see what happens.”

In the final three quarters, the Clippers outscored the home team 104-100.

The Jets traded the one-time Pro Bowl defender before the 2017 season, and he promptly found a strong home as a 4-3 tackle after playing 3-4 end for most of his career. He was very disruptive in the middle of the field with Seattle. With a lot of other positional money issues, especially defensively, it will be hard for the Seahawks to keep him.

Ansah, two years removed from a Pro Bowl selection, fought through injuries for a rebound 12-sack season after disappearing in 2016. It will be interesting to see how much Lions general manager Bob Quinn wants to keep the veteran around as a defensive cornerstone for new coach Matt Patricia.

Suffice it to say that the bloom is now off the Elway rose in Denver — at least in terms of his management prowess — and the heat is on for him to bring in new blood at the game’s most important position … and get it right this time.

Elway admitted as much in his season-ending press conference last month when he said, “There is no doubt we’ve got to get better at that position.”

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