Rose said he is unaware of whether James, Wade and Bosh ever saw the video.

After Rizzo’s big hit, All-Star Wade Davis retired three in a row for his second save of the series. Jayson Werth popped out to Rizzo to end the game.

“We made mistakes,” manager Joe Maddon said. “We made some errors, but then we made some great plays.”

When asked why this revelation was just coming to light now, Rose replied, “I just wanted to see who had my back,” presumably referring to members of the Bulls front office who could have corrected the perception that Rose was hands-off by telling the media about the video that was filmed.

“[The Bulls] didn’t say anything about it,” Rose said. “They sent it; I don’t know if they really actually looked at it or played the video, but I made the video, but at the time it really wasn’t for me to say that.”

“(I’m) just trying to take everything in (and) look around a little bit more trying to, you know, kind of capture some mental images of Wrigley and the fan base and my teammates,” Arrieta said Monday. “(I will) just to try and remember as much as I can about these last couple weeks — if it’s my last time in this uniform.”

Cleveland’s starting lineup will likely change once again whenever Isaiah Thomas returns from a torn labrum in his right hip. He is expected back on the court by late December and will be needed to be worked back into the mix.

It led to Lue’s second touchy conversation in as many weeks with a player that was part of the Cavs’ three straight Eastern Conference crowns to tell him he is being moved to the bench – first it was Tristan Thompson, then it was Smith.steelers_001