“We’ll continue to do what we’ve been doing. Guys are working around the league.”

A story published Sunday by Slate showed an email from the Players Association’s general counsel, Tom DePaso, telling a lawyer for Kaepernick that it was the union’s “understanding” that Jenkins has “remained in contact” with Kaepernick. Another email, from that lawyer to Jenkins, said to the safety, “Once again, it appears that false information is being communicated to the media that Mr. Kaepernick has been invited [to a meeting between players and the NFL], which once again he has not.”

The Associated Press reported Sunday that Jenkins “declined to address” the Slate article. He did say that “league didn’t accept our invitation” to the meeting, adding that the NFL pointed to scheduling and logistical issues.

“At this point, the ball is in their court,” Jenkins said.

“He told me that he was explicitly told that he had no place being there [in the last meeting].”

But really, the Jaguars have nothing to be ashamed about. There were no boneheaded plays and no critical turnovers (the Jags did not have a single turnover, in fact). Bortles played the game of his career, but got outdueled by arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. The defense evoked images of those great Seahawks defense of a few years ago, with great team speed and people eager to put a big hit on a receiver.

Jacksonville played well enough to win, but the Patriots were just better in the end… because that is what they’ve been doing for years.

That would constitute a major on-field setback for Dallas, which relied heavily on the rookie running back last season and was rewarded with a 13-3 record and an NFC East title. Elliott, who led the league in rushing yardage and earned first-team all-pro honors, stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possibly millions, in lost wages and signing-bonus money he may have to repay the team.

The Eagles racked up 456 yards of offense thanks to a huge day from Nick Foles (26 of 33 for 352 yards and three TDs) and some clutch throws to break the game wide open, including throws of 53, 42, 41 and 36 yards. On each of those throws, he had great protection and sometimes even 4-5 seconds to launch one of his high-trajectory missiles.