5 things that went wrong for the Cowboys against the Broncos

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott were a formidable one-two punch for the Cowboys as rookies in 2016. On Sunday, they couldn’t get anything going on offense as the Broncos delivered Dallas a 42-17 beatdown.

The breakdown is wonderful and the punt is flabbergasting — Hekker manages to kick what is, again, a misshapen lump of pig, a pure 50 yards, sideways and with side spin, and lands it perfectly inside an area the size of a VW Golf.

Sebastian Janikowski is still kicking in the NFL. You needed to know this. Though in Week 1 he had a sore back, so the Raiders decided to put him on injured reserve before their game … clearing the way for Giorgio Tavecchio, that smooth, Milanese son of a bitch. I have my eye on you, Giorgio Tavecchio. And not only for the hip stiffness and mechanical issues which might result in some of your kicks tailing off to the right.

Also, we still don’t know the full reason behind LT leaving LA. Rumors had Timmons angry with the Dolphins possibly. His agent labeled it a personal issue.

Steelers Nation would love to see Timmons get released. He’d still probably get paid quite a bit, and the financial loss in Miami would be Pittsburgh’s gain. Other teams may not want to touch him because of this controversy, but No. 94 was a model citizen, and a very good player for Mike Tomlin’s team, and he’d probably clear waivers.

But nobody knows if the Steelers actually have interest in Timmons given the production they’re getting out of Vince Williams—or even if they have roster room for that matter. But then again, they love cutting Steven Johnson, so there might be room after all.
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