Mike Mayock thinks Arden Key will slide into Day 3 due to off-field concerns

And again, none of the UConn ugly was mentioned on the ESPN telecast, which included analyst Rebecca Lobo, former UConn star.

Questions of the Week: Reader Frank Fisher: “Which golfer would you guess is on the cover of the latest ESPN Magazine? Hint: He hasn’t won a tournament in five years.”

Guest of the Week: Chris Russo, for his MLB Network show, wisely selected Mike Francesa. With the season starting, there’s none more sagacious. Among Francesa’s expert touts:

NFL Network’s draft guru Mike Mayock isn’t high on the draft stock of pass rusher Arden Key, who at one point was considered to be a lock as a first-round pick. Mayock cited off-field concerns, noting he expects Key to be selected in Round 4 or Round 5 of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Key recently admitted he took a leave of absence from LSU to attend drug rehab for smoking weed.

So this isn’t a huge shock given the recent rash of prospects (Reuben Foster is one prominent example) who have these types of red flags and have continued to get into trouble off the field at the NFL level.

Veach has been known to heap praise, saying earlier this offseason quarterback Patrick Mahomes is “one of the best players I’ve ever seen.” Yet the term “star” is something you don’t hear from NFL personnel too often, particularly about players who have yet to play a full slate of 16 games in the league.

Ragland, who missed all of his rookie season with a knee injury before being sent packing when Sean McDermott took over for Rex Ryan in Buffalo, played in just 12 games last season, starting only 10 of them. But, clearly, that’s all Veach needed to see, saying Ragland and new free-agent acquistion Anthony Hitchens can form an important backbone of K.C.’s defense moving forward.

Chris Peters, NHL prospects columnist: If Fleury keeps playing like this, any team playing in front of him would have the chance. But the way the Golden Knights relentlessly attack will make it challenging for any opponent. Even when Vegas was up 1-0 late in Game 3 against the Kings, Golden Knights defensemen were jumping into the play. They were still trying to score.seahawks_105

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