Trevone Boykin: Domestic violence allegations are ‘false’

Trevone Boykin was released by the Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday almost immediately after a report revealed he is being investigated for domestic violence, but the quarterback insists he is innocent.

In a statement he released, Boykin said the allegation that he physically assaulted his longtime girlfriend is false. He said he understands why the Seahawks chose to release him but claims the accuser has fabricated a story and I am suffering the consequences.

Part of last year’s story, too, was rookies. Bellinger clubbed 39 homers, finished fifth on the team in WAR and followed Seager as the Dodgers’ second straight NL Rookie of the Year. There might not be that kind of impact from a rookie this season, but if needed, it’s not hard to envision righty Walker Buehler or outfielder Alex Verdugo breaking through in a similar way.

It’s all part of L.A.’s no-stone-left-unturned approach, overseen behind closed doors and innumerable computer screens by an expansive front office staff. Yes, it’s a little boring. But it works.

In 2015 it was Kris Bryant (briefly). The following season it was Corey Seager. Last year it was Yoan Moncada.

For 2018 that player is Ronald Acuna, and he is worth the wait.

In the industry, the media and the fans, until you start the new season there is going to be talk [of last year], Roberts said. That’s just kind of the way it goes. Certainly it’s in our minds. No doubt. It’s always going to be in our minds. But I think our guys are doing a very good job of understanding that we can’t change it and looking forward.

This season marks the 30th since the Dodgers last won, and the 60th year since the franchise picked up and moved from Brooklyn to L.A. During their first three decades out west, the Dodgers won five World Series. If the Dodgers don’t win it this season, their title drought will have extended to half the time the team has played in California.

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