Bortles has thrown a lot of picks, and it’s fair to call his decision-making on the field into question.

Bortles is trying to win the starting job again in Jacksonville, but the most important ability is availability. It’s smart to not risk injury in a game that truly doesn’t matter.

We all love big-guy touchdowns. There’s something delightful about seeing a large man— a guy who doesn’t look like a wide receiver or a tight end or a cornerback — making a play on the ball and running that thing in for a touchdown.

But he demonstrated wisdom after he threw a pick against the Panthers and decided to just chill instead of trying to tackle Zack Sanchez:

1. Christian McCaffrey, RB | Carolina Panthers: He can run between the tackles. He can pick up the blitz. He can run pass routes and catch the ball in traffic. I heard he even cleans up the cafeteria after the players eat lunch and helps old ladies cross the street. McCaffrey does it all, and the expansive role the Panthers have planned for him in 2017 makes him the leading candidate for this award.

2. Leonard Fournette, RB | Jacksonville Jaguars: There’s an old coach saying that the rare running backs are the ones who “bring their own blocking.” Given the state of the Jaguars’ offensive line, Fournette might find himself having to be such a back as a rookie. The Jags would love to lean on him, and if they can block well enough up front, his workhorse role should make him a contender here. But that’s a big “if.”download (1)

There’s plenty of uni-related news as we move toward the kickoff of the 2017 NFL season.

Most notably, a new Nike collar that eliminates the Flywire design has been adopted by 19 of the 22 teams that were still using the old one — we’ll call them the Flyswatter Brigade! Here’s our rundown of what you can expect to see in the AFC North on the gridiron this fall.

The Bengals are marking their 50th season with a new jersey patch. Interestingly, it’s one of the newfangled synthetic patches, not a traditional embroidered design. These modern patches have been worn in the Super Bowl, but this appears to be the first time that an NFL team has worn one for a standard season-long patch.

The Bengals have also broken out the Flyswatter — and not a moment too soon. In addition to scrapping the Flywire, they’ve rid themselves of the neck roll format on their black jersey, with the orange trim now extending all the way around the collar — a big upgrade.

Incidentally, the Bengals usually post their jersey schedule on their website, but they haven’t yet updated the information for 2017. Keep an eye on this page; they’ll likely add this season’s info soon.

The Steelers will add a memorial patch for former owner Dan Rooney, who passed away over the summer. They did not wear the patch during the preseason, but it will be added for the season opener against the Browns on Sept. 10 (additional info here).

Finally, if you were wondering what happened to uni numbers on the front of the Steelers’ helmets, don’t worry. They never bother with the front numbers during the preseason, but you can be sure the numerals will reappear for the season opener Sept. 10 in Cleveland.

Why Having Advertisements On The New NBA Jerseys Is OK

Dylan Wagner helped the FBI track down Tom Brady’s missing jerseys after spotting the item in the collection of Martin Maurico Ortega.

Wagner is a sports memorabilia collector who found himself in contact with Martin Maurico Ortega in December after selling him a jersey. The two later exchanged photos of their collections when Wagner noticed Ortega had a Brady jersey from Super Bowl XLIX, according to Boston’s WBZ-TV.

The league expects that the new 2?-by-2? inch jersey advertisements could generate at least $100 million annually. Major League Soccer teams have featured advertisements on their jerseys since 2007, and while MLS doesn’t rival the NBA’s size and viewership, they still manage to generate upwards of $6 million per year in revenue, according to Business Insider.

Other jersey sponsorships in the NBA include Harley-Davidson with the Milwaukee Bucks, Goodyear with the Cleveland Cavaliers, General Electric with the Boston Celtics, Disney with the Orlando Magic, StubHub with the Philadelphia 76ers and Fitbit with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The NBA is allowing teams to sell one advertising patch on their uniforms, measuring no larger than 2 ? inches by 2 ? inches. In addition, the Nike swoosh will appear on the right shoulder of jerseys as part of that company’s new deal to become the NBA’s official uniform supplier.

NBA owners voted in April 2016 to allow teams to sell jersey advertising patches starting in 2017-18. The Hawks are the 13th NBA team to reach an agreement to do so, with companies reportedly paying $2.5 million to $10 million per year.

Hawks chief revenue officer Andrew Saltzman agreed with that characterization and said the deal is the team’s second largest annual sponsorship, behind only the Philips Arena naming-rights deal.
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New Seattle Company Wants to Rent You Seahawks Jerseys

The Mighty Ducks night is just one of many themed events for the Wings this upcoming season. Kalamazoo also has Irish themed jerseys for its green ice game and Captain America themed ones for Marvel night.

More are likely to be coming soon, considering their massive list of themed nights for the rest of the season. Really looking forward to the blocky Minecraft jerseys and ugly Christmas sweaters to come, guys.

On Thursday afternoon, Watt announced the drive has raised more than $12 million in donations. He passed the $13 million mark on Thursday night before hitting $15 million on Friday and passing $17 million on Saturday.

ESPN says the company launched on Wednesday, but only features three teams. According to their website, they have jerseys for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions.

Fans can get a variety of players’ jerseys, which include Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, Eric Ebron, Ziggy Ansah, Golden Tate, Matthew Stafford, Jarrad Davis, Marvin Jones and Theo Riddick.

The Lions jerseys also come in the Honolulu Blue home jersey, white away and silver color rush. Plus, some players have the throwback Honolulu blue retired jersey like Sanders.